Useful Links

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(original pre-dates: 11/10/1999 15:53:03)

Below you will find links to web sites around the world under several useful categories: graphics, CGI, and WWW stuff (tutorials, etc.).

0. Library Resources

The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies

1. WWW Stuff

HTML tutorials, color charts, (advanced tutorials forthcoming), and so forth.

1.1 HTML and Design Tutorials

Pursuing Page Publishing
An Excellent, no nonsense guide to HTML. The HTML Tutorial is a great way to learn HTML and write your first page in minutes

1.2 Color Charts

RGB Hex Triplet Color Chart
A quick and easy color chart

RGB to Color Name Mapping
Tables of color names and RGB values (this one actually shows the colors, too)

1.3 Other Useful Stuff

NDSU Student Chapter of the ACM

They will rent you an account for your website for just a couple of dollars a semester

How to Scan an Image
Instructions for using the scanner in the clusters (from a previous CS128 class)

the Internet Movie Database

An enormous collection of information, and surprisingly up-to-date

1.4 Advanced HTML and WWW Topics

Matt's (CGI) Script Archive
(quoted from the site): "100% Free CGIs"

Yahoo has a useful looking portal at


2. Free Graphics

Public Domain Images
"Welcome to Public Domain Images
Do You Need Pictures or Videos for Multimedia Content?
Would you like to avoid Stock Photo & Stock Footage prices?
The Help You Need Is Here! "

Windy's Fashionable Page Designs
Windy says, "All I ask is, if you see fit to use any of my graphics, please mention Windy's Fashionable Designs somewhere on your site with a link to this page"

2.1 clip art

2.2 Icons

University of Pisa Iconbrowser
NOW A DEAD LINK: A million little pictures. You should credit the source if you use them. The famous icon browser from the famous city of the famous leaning tower.
Thanks and acknowledgement to the University of Pisa Computer Laboratories in via Buonarroti, Student's Building of the Department of Computer Science, Pisa, Italy.

2.3 Backgrounds

At some point this ... The Background Sampler ... went stale and vanished.
Free from Netscape. "To obtain these backgrounds and use them in your own pages you can either refer to them on our server, or copy them and use them yourself."
"You can use these backgrounds directly from our server. An example of the HTML would be: "
    <body background="/assist/net_sites/bg/fabric/gray_fabric.gif">

A nice lady named Allison wrote to me, "Might I suggest a replacement for the broken link?:
This page is a nice one-stop resource for website backgrounds."

Julianne's Background Textures
Julianne Tolson says, "I created these background images for the world to enjoy. You may use them, but you may not take credit for them."

3. Other Free (or Cheap) Stuff
The way to find shareware on the Internet

4. Extremely Cool Stuff

Write with comments or suggestions.