Mooadmin Home Page

This is the page where I collect all the many, many links relevant to administering MOOs at NDSU (and elsewhere). This page is, guess what, permanently under construction.


Experts disagree, but the original MUD is often attributed to Richard A. Bartle
For a glimpse into a long-standing MUD society you can visit LegendMUD by Raph Koster


To visit a MOO you need a client program. These are some of the generically useful ones

  • tkMOO-light Editing Client for PC users
    Or a local copy here if that fails.
  • The MacMOOSE Editing Client for Mac users is no longer available.
  • Curt Hill's MOOvia Client for Windows 95/98/NT is no longer supported.
  • Java Telnet (with a text-based interface)(currently unavailable)


There are several documents online to assist you with operating and programming a MOO. Here are some of them.

NDSU Resources

There are a variety of things we've done that are generally useful. Here are some of them:

NDSU Projects

There are several projects ongoing at NDSU. These are the links to them, as of this moment (8Sep01)

Other, Miscellaneous, Mostly Broken, Links

We have so many things going it's hard to keep track. Here's some stuff, for what it's worth.

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