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The Programming Land MOO at Valley City State University is being developed as an adjunct to programming classes. The MOO contains material that parallels an introduction to programming in C++. The MOO server is called WinMOO which is a port of the original LambdaMOO server from UNIX to Windows NT. The original database was the enCore database, which is the LambdaMOO database enhanced with numerous objects of educational merit, such as moderated classrooms, lectures, etc. The server is version 1.8.0p6 and the database is enCore Beta 2.

The museum has been used with classes since the Fall of 1997 semester. There are two MOO entryways to the Virtual Lecture. The first leads to a series of rooms that describe the basic commands of the MOO. The other leads to the C++ Foyer exhibit. This takes the student to one of several topics. Each of these lessons may lead to one or several further lessons. A lesson is an amount of instruction that could reasonably be completed in one sitting, whereas a topic is usually several lessons and hence too large for a single session.

The ProgrammingLand home page is online and To experience the Programmingland MOO in an HTML way, you may simply visit the Programming Land MOO Entry Way

It should be noted that both lesson and topic are arbitrary terms without specific boundaries in the MOO. If a student wants to learn one lesson in several sittings, they have the freedom to progress at their own pace in whatever way they choose. Thus, students do not perceive lesson boundaries or topic boundaries. All they see are single exhibits, which are single rooms and the brief amount of information that is present in that context.

For more information you can contact Curt Hill.
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