CS497/793: Independent/Individual Study (VR Development)

CS497 Call Number: #7161 (in Fall 1999); CS793 Call Number: #7315

Permission of Instructor, Hours Announced

Dr. Brian M. Slator, Associate Professor
Computer Science and Operations Research
North Dakota State University
Office: IACC Building, Rm. #262E
Phone: 701-231-6124
Office hours: see Fall 1999 Schedule, or by appt.

VR stands for "virtual reality" and the objective of the "course" is the research oriented design and implemention of multi-player educational game environments (in LambdaMOO, or other platforms, usually with client development in Java and advanced graphical interfaces incorporating QTVR, VRML, or related approaches), with a view towards constructing role-based educational technology, and developing the tools that would facilitate the further construction of such games.

Students are encouraged to consider joining if they have experience with or inclinations towards MUD/MOO development, Educational Multimedia, Computer Games, User Interface Design, Graphical Design, Software Agents, Artificial Intelligence, Role-based Games, VRML, Java, QTVR, Intelligent Tutoring, 3D Modeling .... and so forth.

CS497 is being offered for 1, 2 or 3 credits, and can be taken for a letter grade or pass/fail. There would be very few regular meetings. The course would take from 2-3 to 8-9 hours per week on average (depending on how many credits you choose to take) with all the assumed flexibility implied by the title "independent study".

The graduate students in CS793 will be expected to participate in all the activities engaged in by the undergraduate students enrolled in CS497 and, in addition, will be required to read and critically analyze a research paper from the literature, and make their analysis available to the group.

There will be an organizational meeting at 2:00 pm,
on the first Friday of each semester,
in the lab space IACC 258-A3

(just down from the main office).

If you are interested but cannot attend, or you have questions, whatever, please send email.
Dr. Brian Slator, IACC 262E, slator@badlands.nodak.edu

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